A Forest Adventure To speak of forests is to speak about Costa Rica. The Pura Vida country is filled with luscious nature, where you can spot amazing and unique flora and fauna. There are several places in Costa Rica to experience the rainforest during your stay and vacation. You’d th[...]
Beach & Mountain Trails While many consider Costa Rica to be a tropical paradise, most do not get the real feeling when exploring this country; you either get to experience the beautiful mountains, rainforest and cloud forest, or you go and enjoy the amazing beaches of either side[...]
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Costa Rica is best known as the ecotourism destination, a destination for wellness, the land of pura vida, where you come to relax, amuse yourself, discover, and explore… Ultimately, you have your personal experience with nature. However, as time goes by and the travelers become[...]
Ever heard of people wanting to relocate to Costa Rica and not knowing how? Some people decide to relocate to the happiest place on Earth. Fear of the unknown sometimes makes us go online in search of information, finding the most wrong sources. None of that with us. We’ll make [...]
It’s 2018 and the summer time is just around the corner. We know it’s hard to believe with all the cold up in the north and whatnot but believe us, the warm sunny days are just about to come or maybe they’re just here already and you simply have to come to Costa Rica[...]
When you think of Christmas and the joy it provides to everyone, from kids to teens, adults and beyond, you also think of the magic that sharing gifts gives to both, the giver and the receiver. There’s a sense of enjoyment as to being able to draw smiles on people’s faces with a handi[...]
This year, once again and thanks to the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, ICT, Costa Rica is present at the World Travel Market 2017 in London, which is by far, the most relevant tourism trade show for the British market and one of the best in the world. British citizens have been com[...]
When speaking of sustainable tourism, sometimes people don’t really understand the concept and think of being frugal, then again, it’s more than that. Sustainable tourism is about bringing a global awareness to traveling and putting it into action, which means that when vi[...]
If you’re seeking the excitement and thrill of watching whales in their natural habitat, you must definitely come to Costa Rica. We have the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world! (No joke!) Come from September to January, and you’ll check out these beaut[...]
  With an array of beaches, lush rainforests and five-star resorts to enjoy, it is no surprise that Costa Rica was ranked amongst the “Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations” by Brides Magazine and Signature Travel Network. Newlyweds deserve some time for rest and relaxation a[...]