Our trip was great.  Thanks for coordinating such an extensive getaway.



The Tabacón in Arenal was top notch. We found ourselves relaxed and in Pura Vida mode pretty quickly.   The service was first rate and everything else (room, hot springs, zen garden, food, volcano view, etc…) were all perfect.  The Volcano walk was our favorite activity.  Easy, relaxing, perfection!


Monte Verde:

The Fonda Vela had a great staff too.  The hotel’s restaurant had a winter ski cabin feel to it with a fireplace and great food/wine menu.  The outdoor public hot tub and pool area was actually a bit underplayed on their website.  The pool area was connected to a balcony that overlooked the valley which had amazing sunsets.  We also enjoyed relaxing out here during the daytime and listening to the variety of birds that sounded like nature’s car alarms.


The zip-lining was Amazing!   We also walked into a village area near the Fonda Vela (about a 20 minute walk) to pick up wine, snacks, and fresh coffee.

Monte Verde was very peaceful and reminded me of Ubid in Bali with that laid back nature feeling.