Save the americans campaing

The new campaign from the I.C.T. (Institute of Tourism of Costa Rica) was launch on December 11th, 2014. The title of the attractive campaign is SAVE THE AMERICANS! and the Canadian version is SAVE THE CANADIANS!   The European, Latin American and other emergent markets will be managed with a completely different approach and we will keep you informed about them.

This video will be the main focus of the campaign

Watch video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycU2HR6h-3M

At the same time two web sites will be available www.savetheamericans.org and www.savethecanadians.org. These sites will be available on December 17, and the campaign with a budget of 3.3 million dollars and it will be available from late December 2014, to January 2016.

The web pages will have also general information on Costa Rica and information on potential routes to explore Costa Rica.  More than 30 additional promotional videos will be also available.

The campaign will start in two key destinations: Chicago and Toronto with additional banners on keys places in each city and digital banners in YouTube, Google, New York Times, Yahoo, Outbrain, Matador and Network, and of course social media like Twitter, Linkedln and Instagram.

Innovative actions will take place during the whole year.  A Sand Sculpture with a Tucan, Monkey and Sea Turtle will be set in front of the famous bull of Wall Street for example.Campaña ICT - Save the americans

The key of the campaign will be to remind overworked and overstress Americans and Canadians of the beautiful paradise that it is waiting for them.   About 50% of our visitors come from North America (US & Canada).  The goal? To increase the number of visitors during 2015!

Take time off and relax!!!

We at DCR will keep you informed on more specific details of the campaign, dates and areas or cities this campaign will be focusing on in order to help you our partners to better promote Costa Rica.    Please let us know if you need additional information.

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