It’s 2018 and the summer time is just around the corner. We know it’s hard to believe with all the cold up in the north and whatnot but believe us, the warm sunny days are just about to come or maybe they’re just here already and you simply have to come to Costa Rica and enjoy them as in NOW!

Oh yeah, if you are a fan of summer, this is where you need to be, cool summer breeze with warm sun rays are the best mix for the perfect weather. Moreover, there’s so much to do in such atmosphere, that in our first blog, we decided to share with you just a little bit of the many activities to do while staying in Costa Rica and enjoying this amazing Pura Vida country!



  1. Dear sunsets, please don’t make me cry

Yes, Costa Rica has some of the most amazingly beautiful sunsets in the world. From red skies in the Pacific Coast to golden ones in the Caribbean, to the best mix of pinks and greens in the Northern Plains, you’ll be breathless with the views.





  1. Adrenaline galore

From zip lining through a canyon or through the rainforest, to driving boogies and ATVs on dirty roads, surfing and riding the most amazing waves of the Pacific, or kayaking in between rivers and mangroves. On the ground or at sea, you’ll have some of the most amazing, adrenaline filled experiences in this side of the world. Ever wondered about bungee jumping in the cloud forest? Don’t keep thinking of it, come do it!



  1. Under the sea…or above

Snorkeling is a must-do activity in Costa Rica, especially in northern Guanacaste and the Caribbean, so if you haven’t gotten your license yet…get to it! But if underwater activities aren’t your cup ‘o tea, how about sailing through the ocean and going beach hopping. A barbecue perhaps or drinks in your private yacht or catamaran? Ah, the stress…



  1. Well…ness…

Yes, we want you to nurture your soul and mind too. Get in touch with yourself with your “Costa Rica chose You” experience, by doing yoga or meditating in some of the most beautiful decks surrounded by nature itself. You can choose from the shores of the Papagayo Gulf at the Mangroove or Four Seasons, the mountains of Bagaces at Rio Perdido, or the jungle at the Osa Peninsula, you’ll be one with nature.




We leave you at that: just a few ideas as to what to do all over the country. Have a blast and book your trip with us ASAP by emailing us at destination@destinationcr.com and don’t forget to visit our Facebook at: https://goo.gl/yY3xZq